Monday, May 31, 2010

Beaches and Bridges

Like almost every other Floridian, I spent Memorial Day at the beach with my family. I had to bring my camera, because we have so many cute babies in my family! But unlike other natives, I am as pale as can be. So even though I coated myself in sunscreen, I still got burned. I'm just glad I don't feel my burn so much, and that I tan afterwards. The pictures above are my little cousin and her friend. Ain't they just adorable?

After my morning at the beach, my friend DeeAnna from A Rose Coloured Masquerade and me decided to have a mini photoshoot. The theme was Alice, Light and Dark. I was the Light Alice, and the lovely Dee was the Dark Alice. She made me some lace cuffs and a lace choker, which I'm wearing.

Yes, this is the dress I wore earlier this week. But it reminded me so much of Alice's dress, so I washed it and wore it again. I wore a different button up, cause i didn't have time to wash the other one.

I know I was supposed to be Light, but I couldn't resist doing a few Dark poses as well. Turned out pretty well, don't ya think?

Ugh, more exams tomorrow. French and Geometry, niether of which I've studied for. I'm not too confident for these. Wish me luck!


  1. the baby shots are adoreable. i feel like i can hear them giggling.

  2. Thanks. They were great models.

  3. Pale Floridians unite! I am all sunscreen and floppy hats, all the time.