Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to the Beginning

Sun, surf, and sand. School is almost out and Florida is my playground. A perfect time for a beginning blogger, right? After some careful consideration, I've decide to jump on the bandwagon and create a style blog. Here, I can document my style and share my thoughts with the world. My closet is a menagerie of different styles, from vintage to rocker, so my outfits are always unique.

Dress :: Kohl's :: 20 dollars
Necklace :: Walmart :: 7 dollars
Shoes :: Goodwill :: 10 dollars
Scarf :: borrowed from my sister
Bracelet :: Claire's :: 7 dollars and 50 cents

I absolutely love this dress; it is so 40's chic! And the shoes are my latest buy. They have a very vintage feel, and they make me so happy. The necklace and bracelet add a modern, edgy feel to the whole ensemble. My red nails DO match the blue scarf; they are both primary colors.

I'm surprised I still looked this good after eight hours of school and two hours of work. I'm so glad my job is predominately paperwork! On the bright side, I got quite a few compliments. The old train in town was a really fun place to take pictures, even though my little sister didn't know how to use my camera (Sony a200). Climbing around that ancient locomotive in heels was a lot harder than I expected.

I'm going to be handing this dress to my friend to see what she does with it. She's a good four inches shorter than me, so this ought to be interesting.


  1. YAY!!! i'm the first to comment:)and i love your blog. i love your fashion sense and you making a website out of it makes me soooooo excited! keep on postin'!

  2. i love your blog your such a creative person. (And so pretty too) This blog shows how great your sense of style is. I love how chic it all is and the vintage is great. =)This really is awesome and with all this talent you will make even more out of it.