Friday, May 28, 2010

when we are lost in the technicolor phase..

Denim Blouse :: Walmart :: 6 dollars
Jean Shorts :: hand-me-downs
Tights :: Walmart :: 4 dollars
Necklace :: Claire's :: 10 dollars
Airwalks :: Payless :: 14 dollars
Butterfly Belt :: local thrift store :: 50 cents

Ah, its that time of year again. Exams!! Our first day was today, and it was my hardest day. Ag, AP Biology, and Dual Enrollment World History. Ag wouldn't usually be hard, but our substitute teacher hates our class and likes to make stuff way more difficult than necessary. I'm positive I got A's on today's tests, though.

I didn't start my day dressed like this. I was originally wearing a darker distressed jean miniskirt, but I realized during my World History test that the side seam had split! I guess that's what I get for breaking the school dress code. Luckily, that was my last class for today, so I came home and changed quick before work. I'm just gonna have to fix that soon, because I love that skirt!

This belt is the most rockin belt I have ever seen. I found it in my church's thrift store, and basically had a meltdown. And for only 50 cents, there was NO way I was leaving there without it. I also bought a cute vintage-style halter dress, and some brown peep-toe heels.

By the way, sorry for the bad pictures today. I had to take them by myself, as well as in my backyard, so they aren't that great.

There is the cutest skirt for sale on Etsy. It's called the Wonderland Vintage skirt, and it's at Gina Michele Vintage. Isn't it adorable? Maybe I'll buy it, once I get my paycheck.

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