Sunday, May 30, 2010

bright-eyed butterfly, don't fly away

Polka-dot mini dress :: Goodwill :: 5 dollars
White button up shirt :: one of my little brother's old shirts
Black tights :: Walmart :: 4 dollars
Airwalks :: Payless :: 14 dollars
Gray jeweled headband :: Walmart :: 6 dollars

Sunday Sunday, church day church day. The one day of the week I can dress up and people don't ask why. Not that I care; I'll wear what I want, when I want.

I adore this dress. I've gotten so many compliments today! It's just a very happy, bubbly dress. I think I'm going to have to look for something a bit more colorful next time, though. My closet is becoming very dark, if not grayscale.

I am getting sick of these shoes. I really need some cuter shoes. I think I see a shopping trip in the near future!

I was in a very bouncy mood today, if that wasn't clear. I feel like you could put wings on my back and I'd be a butterfly!

Tomorrow is a beach day! I'll be spending Memorial Day at Port St. Joe Beach with my family. Unfortunately, all my friends will be at Saint George Island. Maybe I can convince my mom to stop by Goodwill, or some thrift stores.

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