Saturday, May 29, 2010

welcome to the tea party..

wanna be my V.I.P.?

halter dress :: church thrift store :: 6 dollars
white blouse :: bealls outlet :: can't remember
airwalks :: payless :: 14 dollars

Ahh, Saturday. A day to relax after a stressful week at school. I only had to work for an hour today, and then I went to my Bushido Sempai training. It was our last Saturday of class, so it was bittersweet. I'm going back to church tonight, and then to my cousin's for another movie night. I wonder what we'll be watching tonight..

Anyway, onto my outfit. This dress is too cute. I've been told it is remeniscent of Alice in Wonderland, and I agree.

Sorry for the bad location and picture quality. I didn't have a chance to go anywhere, and I ended up having to take the pictures by myself again. If only I had my license! Just 3 more weeks..

I don't like these shoes with this outfit. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything else that worked better. I wish I had one of these pairs of shoes, from ModCloth. They are just adorable, and would work perfectly with this dress. Too bad I'm broke!

These flats are just precious with that floral print! And I'm in love with this remake of the classic Mary Jane!